Climate zone
cool temperate moist
Mean rainfall
Mean rainfall unit
Average temperature
Modelled/Simulated Example
Monitoring impacts effects
Performance impact estimation method
Application scale
Performance timescale
< 1 year
Area (ha)
Design capacity description
At the beginning of the project, the storage was going to be a concrete water tank. A whole procedure of re-thinking had to be done.
Favourable preconditions
The idea to change from concrete to natural water retention was supported by WFD conditions and the city management.
Design contractual arrangement
Arrangement type Responsibility Role Comments Name
Design consultation activity
Activity stage Key issues Name Comments
Design land use change
Land use change type
Design authority
Authority type Role Responsibility Name Comments
Success factor(s)
Success factor type Success factor role Comments
Financing type Comments
Barrier type Barrier role Comments
Driver type Driver role Comments
Financing share
Financing share type Share Comments
Policy description
Bezannes needed an area to store water from runoff to protect a new urban zone.
Policy target
Target purpose
Increase Water Storage
Runoff control
Improved Biodiversity
Oher Societal Benefits
Policy pressure
Pressure directive Relevant pressure
Policy area
Policy area type Policy area focus Name Comments
Policy impact
Impact directive Relevant impact
Policy wider plan
Wider plan type Wider plan focus Name Comments
Policy requirement directive
Requirement directive Specification
Ecosystem improved biodiversity
Information on Ecosystem improved biodiversity
No biodiversity involved
Ecosystem provisioning services
Information on Ecosystem provisioning services
Amenity space, improvement of water quality, increased water storage
Ecosystem impact climate regulation
No specific impact
Information on Ecosystem impact climate regulation
Not mentioned
Information on retained water
15000m3 capacity in a constructed wetland
Water quality overall improvements
N/A info
Information on Water quality overall improvements
The wetland may have a beneficial effect on water quality
Soil quality overall soil improvements
N/A info
Information on Soil quality overall soil improvements
Biodiversity enhanced