AGR stores large quantities of water in underground aquifers to increase the quantity of groundwater in times of shortage.ᅠ It results in a lowering of run-off from surrounding land, and in an enhanced natural condition of aquifers and water availability.ᅠ The natural cleaning process of water percolating through the soils when entering the AGR improves water quality. Mechanisms used to undertake the recharge should be highlighted. In this respect one can envisage:(i) surface structures to facilitate/augment recharge (such as soakways and infiltration basins);(ii) subsurface indirect recharge - artificial recharge is undertaken through wells drilled within the unsaturated zone;(iii) subsurface direct recharge - artificial recharge is undertaken through wells reaching the saturated zone. The regulatory approach to be adopted for each of the above three mechanisms could differ considerably, due to the fact that the level of natural protection to groundwater is vastly different for each of the mechanisms

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Biophysical benefits
Water quality improvement
Decrease of runoff
Groundwater recharge
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