In the past, various activities were undertaken to straighten rivers, such as the stabilisation of river banks with concrete or other types of retention walls.ᅠ Such actions limited riversメ natural movements, leading to degradation of the river, increased water flow, increased erosion and decreased biodiversity.ᅠ Natural bank stabilisation reverses such activities, allowing rivers to move more freely.ᅠ Where bank stabilisation is nevertheless necessary, such as in residential areas, natural materials such as roots or gravel can be used.ᅠ Natural materials are preferable as they allow water to infiltrate into the bank.ᅠ They also provide better living conditions for aquatic fauna.
- Based on Stella definitions, adapted by NWRM project experts and validated by the European Commission

Relation type
Type of action
Biophysical benefits
Flood protection
Slowing down of water flow
Biodiversity enhancement
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