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River Basin Agenda
All interventions are part of the Lower Aurino Management Plan, and they are also included in the project "River Basin Agenda" (Alpine Space - Interreg IIIB) aimed at addressing common challenges of alpine river basins.
Essential functions and use of river basins are flood protection und flood retention, extensive agriculture and forestry, recreational use, groundwater protection and nature conservation. Modern river basin management therefore means conciliating these requirements at the best possible way.
River basin management as it is understood within the project group of the RBA, deals with coordination of procedures regarding flood protection and land use planning in Alpine valley floors.
The river basin management plays particularly a crucial role in the spatial development of endangered, intensively used valley sites. In the frame of the planning process it is important to integrate as many participants as possible, e.g. municipalities, departments, interested and concerned people, etc.
At the regional level, the interventions aimed at addressing both flood control and the enhancement of riparian environments.