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Humenne Country Municipalities: Baškovce, Cernina, Gruzovce, Hrubov, Ohradzany, Slovenská Volová, Sopkovce, Turcovce
Recovery of the climate and landscape via integrated rainwater retention in the damaged parts of Slovakia utilizing water retention measures (small dams, retention ponds, rainwater gardens, re-cultivated logging roads). The project coordination was WaterandPeople NGO and funded by LIFE program
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Východné Slovensko
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Screening phase
Project presentations and their approvals at municipal gatherings
Introductory conference presenting project proposal
Monitoring project output
Preparation and publication of manual
†œRevitalizing the Climate in my Community†
Closing conference and dissemination of project results
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People and Water
Regionálne združenie Ondávka
Key lessons
The retention of rainwater on earth allows water to carry out its numerous unique functions which support various forms of life on earth. Water maintains a stable climate and a healthy hydrological cycle.
Water is essential for evaporation which transforms the solar radiation into latent heat and thus contributing to a cool and stable climate. Without water, the solar energy is released back into the atmosphere as sensible heat therefore contributing to a rising temperature and drier atmosphere. An atmosphere abundant in moisture content maintains a stable and cool climate mitigating weather extremes such as drastic temperature oscillations, heat waves and intensive precipitation.
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Communication activities
secondary factor
Financing possibilities
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Successful coordination between authorities
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EU-funds: LIFE+
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Limited staff and consultant knowledge
main barrier
Missing regulatory support
secondary barrier
Expected maintenance needs
secondary barrier
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Organisation committed to it
main driver
Past flooding events
secondary driver
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European funds
Policy description
A damaged environment characterized by erosion, erosion furrows in agricultural lands, drought, flooding, quick rainwater runoff, low water retention capacity of soil, increasing rate of flow of water bodies near built up areas and deforestation.
Thinning atmosphere with higher allergenic content in the atmosphere and greater temperature oscillations between daytime and nighttime temperatures.
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Increase Water Storage
Runoff control
Erosion Control
Oher Societal Benefits
Improved Biodiversity
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Direct benefits information
Creation of new system and methodology for climate recovery at a community level;
Employment for a minimum of 80 locals for 1 year
Ancillary benefits information
Greater attractiveness of the basin contributing to increased tourism
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EU Contribution: 690267 €
PandW Contribution: 141288 €
Ondavka Contribution: 600000 €
Total elegible budget: 1380535 €
Ecosystem impact climate regulation
Impact on GHGs (net emissions and storage) including soil carbon
Information on Ecosystem impact climate regulation
The project fills groundwater sources, feeds vegetation, and increase evaporation so revitalizes the small hydrological cycle and maintain a stable climate.
Information on retained water
120000 m3 minimun retention of rainwater in the Ondávka region
Information on increased water storage
Rainwater retained more time on earth
Information on runoff reduction
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Water quality overall improvements
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Soil quality overall soil improvements
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