NWRM cover a wide range of actions and land use types. Many different measures can act as NWRM, by encouraging the retention of water within a catchment and, through that, enhancing the natural functioning of the catchment. The catalogue of measures hereunder is sorted by sector. It has been developed in the NWRM project, represents a comprehensive but non prescriptive wide range of measures, and you may have other measures, or similar measures that you call by a different name, that could also be classified as NWRM. When implementing one or more of these measures, it is always necessary to check they can qualify as NWRM according the definition. You can also access the illustrated catalogue in pdf) that includes solely the definition and some illustrations for each NWRM: All NWRM Illustrated.

Sector Agriculture
Sector Id Sort descending Title
Agriculture A01 Meadows and pastures
Agriculture A02 Buffer strips and hedges
Agriculture A03 Crop rotation
Agriculture A04 Strip cropping along contours
Agriculture A05 Intercropping
Agriculture A06 No till agriculture
Agriculture A07 Low till agriculture
Agriculture A08 Green cover
Agriculture A09 Early sowing
Agriculture A10 Traditional terracing
Agriculture A11 Controlled traffic farming
Agriculture A12 Reduced stocking density
Agriculture A13 Mulching
Agriculture A14 Controlled Drainage
Sector Hydro Morphology
Sector Id Sort descending Title
Hydro Morphology N01 Basins and ponds
Hydro Morphology N02 Wetland restoration and management
Hydro Morphology N03 Floodplain restoration and management
Hydro Morphology N04 Re-meandering
Hydro Morphology N05 Stream bed re-naturalization
Hydro Morphology N06 Restoration and reconnection of seasonal streams
Hydro Morphology N07 Reconnection of oxbow lakes and similar features
Hydro Morphology N08 Riverbed material renaturalization
Hydro Morphology N09 Removal of dams and other longitudinal barriers
Hydro Morphology N10 Natural bank stabilisation
Hydro Morphology N11 Elimination of riverbank protection
Hydro Morphology N12 Lake restoration
Hydro Morphology N13 Restoration of natural infiltration to groundwater
Hydro Morphology N14 Re-naturalisation of polder areas
Sector Urban
Sector Id Sort descending Title
Urban U01 Green Roofs
Urban U02 Rainwater Harvesting
Urban U03 Permeable surfaces
Urban U04 Swales
Urban U05 Channels and rills
Urban U06 Filter Strips
Urban U07 Soakaways
Urban U08 Infiltration Trenches
Urban U09 Rain Gardens
Urban U10 Detention Basins
Urban U11 Retention Ponds
Urban U12 Infiltration basins